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2017 TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference

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Keynote On The Digital Customer: How Today's Buyer Has Changed and What Your Business Must Do About It
Today's buyer has made a dramatic shift in the way they make purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t adapted and are ill-prepared for the continual evolution of this “digital consumer.” In this provocative keynote presentation, Marcus Sheridan brings clarity to the way buyers have changed and exactly what companies must do to not only align themselves with this shift in buyer patterns, but take advantage of the digital age as well.

Shipper Perspectives: "The Buyer's Journey"
Transportation and supply chain decision-makers don't want to be prospected, demoed, or closed. These steps (while relevant in our world of sales and marketing) add zero value to the buyer. Learn from shippers with leading brands how they go about their own buyer's journey - from the initial phase as suspects and prospects all the way through phases of you earning their business and then doing whatever you can to exceed expectations. Learn from shippers the following:

  • What can you do to most effectively attract their attention?
  • How should you sell to the customer’s “value expectations” rather than your “value proposition?”
  • What factors drive them to ultimately close deals with their providers and partners?
  • How can you ultimately exceed their expectations and what strategies eventually help to transition them into your biggest "brand advocate?"

2017 TMSA Metrics Study Results and Best Practices
TMSA will be releasing its third annual Sales & Marketing Metrics Study. The study results are derived from a survey of sales and marketing leaders in the industry. Survey participants included truckload and LTL carriers, 3PLs, freight forwarders and brokers, dedicated carriers, and ocean carriers. The session will provide insights on how firms in our industry compare to frequently used sales and marketing metrics, and highlight best practices in the industry's marketing and sales organizations, budgets, emerging trends in marketing and communications, etc.

Keynote: "Making the Rubber Meet the Road throughout the Customer Journey"
The lines between "marketing" and the "experience" blur more each day, requiring marketers to focus their attention on the customer experience and all touch points. Closing keynote Chris Snook, best-selling author of Digital Sense, will teach you how to use an Experience Marketing Framework to effectively engineer a 360 degree marketing and customer experience strategy.

Referral Marketing: It's Time To Put More Thought Behind It!
"Referral Marketing" is one of the must successful marketing tactics. It's the simple notion of your satisfied customers, prospects and partners tell their contacts about your value. However, to truly benefit from "Referral Marketing," you need to have a plan. Amazingly, most companies that admit that "word of mouth" is their top source for new business, they do not have any formal strategy for this marketing channel - and they dedicate hardly any time or staff toward maximizing the results. During this session, Chris Saynor, strategic advisor and founder of eft Supply Chain & Logistics Intelligence will help you to put forth the right philosophy, strategy, and resources to maximize the success and results of your Referral Marketing initiatives. 

Social Selling 101: 3 Methods to Enable a Savvy Sales Force
Have you heard about Social Selling and want to know more? Jeff Leo Hermann, Chief Strategy Officer with Fathom reveals methods to empower your enterprise sales force with effective Social Selling strategies, goals and guidance — tightly aligned with your Documented Content Marketing Strategy. 

Is Compensation Driving Your Reps To Do The Right Things (or Wrong Things)?
In the fall of 2016 Wells Fargo garnered national attention with the exposure of massive scale fraud committed by their sales staff to increase sales results and improve their payouts under their incentive compensation plan. This was a result of overly aggressive sales goals and poorly designed compensation plans. Compensation can drive otherwise ethical people to "game the system" to increase their pay. During this session, Beth Carroll of Prosperio Group will explore with you good and poorly designed sales compensation plan designs, and teach you steps to take to ensure your reps are always motivated the way you want them to be.

Fuse Sales and Marketing with Automation to form the Perfect Trifecta
Successful sales and marketing pros are finding ways to integrate and customize strategic touch points into their buyers' experience. This session will identify key features and capabilities of automation tools, help you to understand how to integrate automation into online channels, and ultimately leverage automation strategies that will accelerate sales and business results. 

The Convergence of Marketing & Communication: A Business Case for Change
In today's ever-changing marketing and communications world, advertising, PR and internal communications all help form a robust marketing strategy. Mark Derks, Director of Global Marketing at C.H. Robinson, will discuss the convergence of content, structure and careers and how CHR has responded to internal and external forces and moved to more integrated communications operations. In addition, you'll learn how to be successful when creating an integrated communication strategy and how professionals can re-imagine their career to be successful across platforms. 

"Meet The Press" Editors Panel
The transportation and logistics trade media reaches your target market with credibility. How can media relations practitioners cut through the torrent of information and story pitches that hit editors every day? Come listen to several leading industry editors tell you directly how they use social media, news wires, agencies, PR professionals, and even your own website to develop stories of interest to their readers and your prospects. The session will start with a review of current best practices—revealed in an exclusive TMSA “Pulse of the Media” survey—and then open to a dialogue about today’s dynamic media relations environment. Learn practical, real-world ways to communicate with the editors!

The Compelling Reasons Buyers Have to Make a Change
If you don't identify what prompts a new buyer's journey (a 'Trigger Event') and what they want to accomplish (the 'Measurable Impact'), you'll likely become blindsided or not even move the engagement forward. This session will give you practical insights and advice on how to best understand the reasons the buyer wants to make a change and how you can leverage that to your advantage - something that both sales and marketing professionals need to understand. 

Buyer Empowerment: A Differentiated Approach
In recent years, buyers have changed the way the buy and how they make buying decisions. Yet many transportation and logistics companies haven't adjusted their value proposition to clearly articulate a differentiated brand. Chris Peer of SyncShow will provide practical ideas on how to strengthen your value proposition, brand messaging, and overall sales empowerment.

The Role of Technology in the Buyer's Journey
Learn how to bring together different technology systems (CRM, logistics systems, web and email platforms, etc.) to ultimately enhance the experience of prospects and customers with your organization. Chris Spears, Chief Marketing Technology Officer of Arke, provides insights how to consolidate technologies for a seamless, effective experience. 

Strategy: The Great Equalizer in Managing Rising Trade Show Costs
While trade shows and corporate events have become increasingly important in face-to-face marketing results, related strategies continue to cost more. During this session, Greg Lindsey of exhibitpro will explore many cost-saving tips and advice on how to develop strong strategies for better business results.

Customer Retention: Getting It Right from the Start
Effective customer retention happens in the first six months - and perhaps even in the first few days. John Golob of Lanetix will teach you how to leverage technology and CRM best practices to enable collaboration and strengthen your customer's life cycle. 

High-Impact Sales Coaching: Are You Ready?
In the transportation and logistics industry, a sales management-level employee may have little sales experience and have little understanding of the complexity of the sales role in our industry. Therefore, the direction they receive often is inconsistent and focused more on sales activity than on sales results - leading to disappointing sales results and a constant and expensive churn of sales professionals. Bob Rippel, Chief Learning Officer for RJ Learning Group, will provide practical tips on how to build synergy between management and sales roles by focusing on the Sales Cycle, Pre-Call Planning Checkpoints, Ride-Along Roles and Responsibilities, Post-call coaching, and KPIs.

Peer-To-Peer Interactive Roundtable Discussions

This networking opportunity encourages the sharing of ideas, best practices, and discussion among colleagues. Topics include:

  • How To Align Content Marketing with The Buyer’s Journey (Chris Peer, Syncshow)
  • Marketing Analytics: Turning Data Into Insights  (Eric Kogelschatz, shark&minnow)
  • Marketing Automation Best Practices  (Jill Schmieg, Sol de Naples Marketing)
  • Top Trends in Digital Marketing  (Austin Browne, CSX Intermodal Transportation)
  • Transportation 101: Operations and Trends in 2017 (Christi Raymond, Transport Topics)
  • Effective Sales to Improve Your Performance  (Ricardo Roman, Caliper Management)
  • Personas and Segmentation Strategies  (Art Moryedi, Marlik Group)
  • How to get the most out of your CRM  (Tom Acklam,
  • Leveraging Events to Attract, Convert, Close, and Retain Customers (Greg Lindsey, exhibitpro)
  • Lead Management Challenges/Best Practices  (Traci Whetzel, Concept Services)
  • Managing the Customer Experience Post Sale   (David Hoppens, Momentum Transportation)
  • Account Based Marketing & Why You Need It (Jeff Leo Herrmann, Madison, Michigan & Market)
  • Gender Issues in Marketing, Sales, the Industry (Ellen Voie, Women In Trucking Association)
  • Transforming an Organization to a Customer-Centric Culture (Joel McGinley, TranStrategy)
  • Sales, Marketing, & Operations - How to Get Along (Andrew Gulovsen, TranStrategy Partners)
  • SEM & SEO: Reaching Buyers Where They Search  (Don Friddell, Kenco)
  • Developing A Buyer-Friendly Online Presence  (Lionel Johnston, Bison Transport)
  • Becoming a Subject Matter Expert to Drive Results (Bill Fahrenwald, James Street Associates)
  • PR and Advertising: Maximizing their Impact on the Buyer’s Journey (Candi Cybator, PITT OHIO)
  • Lead Management Challenges/Best Practices  (Anna Fisher, ZoomInfo)

Best Practices Library at the Expo
Learn what other transportation and logistics companies are doing effectively to generate business results as you see first-hand entries from the 2017 TMSA Compass Awards Program. See successful programs to spark ideas that can be applied to your own businesses. Initiatives include:

  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Print and Online Advertising
  • Special Events
  • Direct Marketing and Sales Collateral
  • Digital Sales and Marketing, and Social Media Campaigns
  • Media Relations
  • CRM Solution, and Sales and Marketing Collaborated Efforts
  • New Product Development
  • Pricing Process and Analysis