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2017 TMSA Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference

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A Key To Sales Success: Underscoring The Compelling Reason Buyers Have To Make A Change
Stage of the Buyer's Journey: Close
Is your organization selling to new customers or simply taking orders? The Transportation Sales environment is a ‘complex sale’ often sold in a "transactional fashion" and typically when we engage a new customer, their buying journey has already begun. If we don’t identify what prompted that journey (the ‘Trigger Event’; reason for making a buying decision), and what they want to accomplish (the ‘measurable Impact’; success), we are likely to be commoditized, blindsided, or not move the engagement forward. The former Vice President of Transportation at C.H. Robinson felt that 50% of sales were transactional, but in reality, were a complex sale waiting to be sold. Identifying a buyer’s Trigger Events in Transportation gives marketing and sales a “Go/No-Go” gauge for involvement in that buyer journey. Marketing knows how to kick the journey off, and sales knows exactly where it’s going. Treating the problems, not the symptoms, is the road to key account success.

About the Presenter: Colin Longren is Vice President & General Manager of The Millau Group Global, which partners with sales organizations to help them achieve measurable results by fundamentally changing the sales training industry. Previously he was a Key Accounts Manager and Sales Executive with Malark Companies, and in Transportation Sales at C.H. Robinson.