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Hernan VeraHernan Vera, Managing Partner, Sales Outcomes

Hernan has served on the TMSA board of directors for several years, and also has been formerly in both the President and Chairman roles of the organization. In 2014, as TMSA's Education Chair he developed a new committee structure for the Education Committee that has made conference planning more effective. He also developed a foundation for new curriculum principles that speak directly to the unique needs of the Marketing practitioner and the Sales leader. Hernan also was instrumental in leading the development of TMSA's new Marketing & Sales Metrics study in 2014 - which has now become a flagship research project that allows TMSA to provide the industry with unique research that cannot be found anywhere else.

"Those of us who have had the pleasure of working closely with this guy have found him to be a stellar leader; one who listens carefully to other perspectives, is open to explore new opportunities, and looks strategically at ways the association can better serve its members more uniquely," says Brian Everett TMSA's CEO. Everett highlighted that Vera guided his team in incorporating SalesForce CRM practices and other operations automation to make TMSA more efficient. "In additional to dynamic ideas and next practices he brings to the table, Hernan has a unique sense of humor and is just a fun guy to be around!"

During a recent interview, Vera shared some additional trivia and insight on himself:

How long have you been in logistics? Since 1989, with a few breaks in between, so over 20 years.

Where was your first job in logistics? I became a newspaper delivery boy in 7th Grade – does that count? Got up at 5 o'clock every morning and delivered 125 papers on my bike. Made $1.50 per subscriber, per month.

What book have you recently read? The Quest: Energy, Security and the Remaking of the Modern World by Daniel Yergin.

Would you rather eat pizza or tacos? Taco Pizza.

Would you rather find true love or find $10 million? That's easy. $10 million. Then I’ll go on Millionaire Matchmaker and find true love.

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