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2017 TMSA Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference

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Making the Rubber Meet the Road through the Customer Journey
Stage of The Buyer's Journey: Attract/Convert/Close/Retain

The lines between “marketing” and the “experience” blur more and more every day, requiring transportation marketers to focus their attention squarely on the customer experience across each touchpoint in the customer/buyers journey and align their entire organization around how they each contribute to optimizing both reliability and innovation. Marketing is now a strategic fiber that must proliferate outside of the walls of the marketing silo and into customer service, operations, and finance to ensure that the customer is treated like the #1 asset and that resourcing can match their increased demands throughout their lifecycle.

In this session, Chris J. Snook, the best-selling author of Digital Sense will show you how to use an Experience Marketing Framework to effectively engineer a 360 degree marketing and customer experience plan that delivers measurable ROI and aligns all silos of your organization. In the Digital Age, achieving amazing performance results and sustainable growth hinges on delivering amazing customer experiences.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why every silo must align around customer as the #1 asset and where their domain impacts the customer experience inside the buyer journey
  • How to uncover the pain points and prioritize where to resource allocate for optimal ROI
  • How to link marketing, technology and the customer experience in a single, cohesive strategy
  • What an Experience Marketing Framework looks like and how to build one
  • How to align the digital transformation of your institution with the increasing demands of today’s consumers
  • How to integrate “design thinking” into your CX strategy
  • Marketing strategies and technologies that optimize the customer experience
  • How to uncover the pain points and prioritize where to resource allocate for optimal ROI

All attendees will receive a copy of his book, Digital Sense, as part of their registration fee.

Chris Snook

Chris J. Snook is managing partner at Launch Haus, a direct response digital marketing holding company. He also is the brand humanizer-at-large for a network of agency partners and the author of "Digital Sense" and the forthcoming book, "Rebooting Retail." He mentors entrepreneurs with Founders Institute globally and ASU Project Humanities. .