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2017-18 TMSA Connections Seminar

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"Briefing: State of the Commercial Freight Industry"
It's critical that you understand key performance indicators and emerging trends that are currently shaping the commercial freight industry in North America. This session will provide you with market intelligence that will help you to be more knowledgeable and better prepared to plan your own marketing, sales, and business initiatives. During this session, you'll be exposed to current statistics and trends that indicate the state of the industry as it pertains to over-the-road trucking (LTL and truckload), rail/intermodal, and international cargo - including how to deal with the capacity crunch, driver shortage, and more. > More

"Highlights of the 2017 TMSA Sales & Marketing Metrics Study"
TMSA has released its third annual Sales & Marketing Metrics Study highlighting powerful data from truckload and LTL carriers, 3PLs, freight forward and brokers, dedicated carriers, and ocean carriers.

  • Gain insights on how firms compare to frequently used sales and marketing metrics - ranging from inside sales performance, CRM and automation practices, sales achievement, what comprises sales and marketing budgets, outsourcing practices, emerging trends, and more
  • See best practices in the industry's marketing and sales organizations, budgets, etc.
  • Benchmark your company's marketing and sales initiatives against other transportation and logistics companies. > More

Out-Smart Your Competition, Not Out-Spend Them!
An engaging science and research based approach towards attracting more loyal customers without breaking the bank. Gain competitive advantage and reshape your sales and marketing for better customer acquisition, engagement and higher ROI with actionable items. During this session, Art Moryedi of Marlik Group will allow you to:

  • Learn about top 2 common sales and marketing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to gain and retain more good fit and loyal customers
  • How to avoid discount traps and not being worried about low-balling competitors
  • How to make a difference and be remembered
  • How to increase ROI and get better results, faster

"The Buyer’s Journey: A Practical Guide to Successful Marketing & Sales Results"
The “buyer’s journey” is the process buyers go through to become aware of, evaluate, and purchase a new service or product. And of course you've got to work into your value proposition how you'll uniquely help your customers address today's challenges - underscored by capacity, infrastructure, and other transportation issues. As a business leader, marketing or sales professional, if you aren’t already doing so you want to pay close attention to everything that takes place before and after the buyer make the ultimate purchasing decision.

  • Gain an understanding of the three stages your prospects and customers will go through: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision 
  • Learn how to develop a 4-step process that reflects the journey of your prospective buyers
  • Identify potential marketing/sales tactics that help move the buyer through the process in your favor
  • A panel of industry marketing and sales professionals will share their success stories on how they nurture dialogue and relationships, and ultimately generate desired action from prospects and customers. > More

Interactive Roundtable Discussions

  • How to Attract Suspects and Prospects (including buyers as well as other key audiences such as drivers, employees, etc.)
  • Ways to Convert Prospects and Leads
  • Best Practices on How to Effectively Close Deals and Achieve the Business Results You're Looking For
  • Ideas on How to Retain Customers, Drivers and Employees - and Convert them to Advocates

"Industry Best Practices in Transportation & Logistics"
See some of the best marketing and sales programs in the industry:

  • Integrated campaigns, advertising, media relations, events, direct marketing, sales and marketing collateral, digital sales and marketing, social media, corporate social responsibility, CRM solutions, sales and marketing collaboration, new product development, and pricing process and analysis
  • Successful campaigns from transportation and logistics companies, including Hub Group, TMW Systems, YRC Freight, Crowley Maritime Corp., Bison Transport, Zipline Logistics, PITT OHIO, Navis, Cardinal Health Integrated Logistics Services, FDSI Logistics, LeSaint Logistics, and the Women In Trucking Association. > More

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