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5 Tech Trends to Influence Your Logistics Marketing in 2021

It’s expected that 2021 will be the year of continuous change in digital marketing in the transportation and logistics industry. Here are five trends to leverage.

Digital Marketing has become a major part of modern B2B marketing. More and more, practitioners in B2B supply chain marketing are providing authentic and customized content, leveraging chatbot technology, using social media marketing to a greater degree, and creating an engaging user experience. These are key trends in 2021.

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CRM + TMS: The Five Biggest Reasons to Integrate

By Jennifer Karpus-Romain, Director of Marketing Services and Industry Outreach, Faye Business Systems Group

The faster the world moves, the quicker the transportation industry needs to move to get it there. So what do logistic firms need? The technology that will support this rapid evolution. The good news: This technology exists!

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Product Alert: Transportation's First RFP and Bid Management Application

By Brian Everett, CEO of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association

Here at TMSA Headquarters near Minneapolis it's uncommon to host visits by TMSA members in the dead of winter, so I was pleased to learn John Golob, Winmore’s Chief Marketing Officer, was stopping by to share the details of its recent software release — the transportation industry’s first RFP and bid management application. 

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How CRM became a Bad 3-letter word

By John Golob, President and Founder of Lanetix, a CRM software company exclusively focussed on the transportation and logistics market. John has worked in CRM software since 1994.

I enjoy seeing the Marketing Director and her colleague at the TMSA Conference in Fort Myers; they’ve worked together for years and last June, they were brimming with excitement over their CRM project, green-lighted by the trucking company's CEO.

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10 Tips for Migrating Your CRM System


By Jennifer Karpus-Romain, Director of Marketing Services and Industry Outreach for Faye Business Systems Group, an innovative software company with extensive expertise in CRM and ERP software

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Award-Winning Strategies: PeopleNet Video Intelligence

In an ever more litigious culture, collision costs are growing significantly each year. According to the Large Truck Crash Causation Statistics, in 2013, the average cost for trucking companies per accident was more than $11 million for those that involved fatalities, close to $500,000 for those with injuries and nearly $75,000 for ones that caused property damage. Without a neutral eyewitness on the scene, it’s often impossible to prove that accidents were not the fault of the truck driver.

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Are Your Privacy Policies Compliant with GDPR?

As a marketing, communications and sales professional in North American transportation and logistics, you likely manage the private information of your customer, prospects, workforces and/or key stakeholders. If so, the General Data Protection Regulation should stop you in your tracks.

Particularly if you’re managing relationships, data, and marketing activities involving targets in the European Union (EU).

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How Secure is Your Data?

Karen Hall is Account Strategist for Roux, a creator of rich, creative solution for marketing strategy. Click here to see the original article

Did you know that most data breaches are opportunistic rather than targeted? I certainly didn’t until I attended a technology conference and learned so much during a session on the topic of cyber security. I am sharing some of the things I learned but all credit goes to the SMC3 conference and the panelists. 

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Blockchain: Definitions from A to Z

Written by TMSA member TMW Systems. View the original blog post.
Blockchain technology is expected to have a tremendous impact on the transportation industry. To understand its basics and potential, begin with Timothy Leonard’s expansive white paper, “Blockchain for Transportation: Where the Future Starts,” then check out TMW Systems' blog post Blockchain Technology: The 21st Century Link For Profit and Growth and pre-recorded webinar. For further help in learning the language of blockchain, TMW Systems compiled an A-to-Z glossary from multiple sources defining the most common terms related to Blockchain.  

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5 CRM Best Practices: Developing a concise strategy for your business

By: Jennifer Karpus-Romain, Intelestream

A customer relationship management (CRM) system can give your business both a look forward and backward, and be the centralized hub for customer information. While you understand the reasons you need to use CRM software, you may struggle with getting the most from the solution.

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Are you getting the most from your marketing automation investment?

This is the third article in a series on how marketing automation can help you business grow and thrive. Guest author is Jill Schmieg, founder and chief strategist at Sol de Naples Marketing, a marketing services firm specializing in helping B2B companies find brighter ways to reach their markets. Learn more at

With more than half of B2B marketers using some form of marketing automation, it is astonishing that 85% of them feel they’re not using it to its fullest potential.  (Source: EmailMonday and SiriusDecisions)

Over the course of 2 sessions totaling more than 20 marketers in transportation and logistics at last June’s TMSA Conference, four key themes about marketing automation emerged. They were voiced as:

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