Are You In The Group?

TMSA offers a great deal of value to marketers and sales professionals. Here is my personal experience:

“I was new to transportation when I joined TMSA. I saw value in learning from other well-respected companies about their marketing programs. I learned a lot in those early days and now am able to share what our program looks like at Bison. Additionally, the greatest value I have gained is having friends that I trust and respect, that I can ask for or provide help to, brainstorm with, and talk through common challenges”. #IamTMSA

In my experience, the greatest value that TMSA provides is through the people we meet and the relationships we form. The reason I say this is the most important value we gain from TMSA, is it is the base that everything else is based upon. All of the things that I have built and am proud of at Bison Transport, my friends at TMSA played a role. I have asked many people about the tools they use, how they set up their teams, what their main focus is and what their struggles were. 

We have a new Facebook MEMBERS ONLY group, and I feel that this group will greatly increase the ease of accessing fellow members, sharing ideas and asking questions. If you are an active member please go to TMSA MEMBERS ONLY group to request to join. Once accepted, please introduce yourself to the group and post your first question.

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