3 Things to Consider When Onboarding New Employees

One of the biggest topics across the industry right now surrounds employees. It’s no secret that many companies are out there looking to recruit and retain employees.  

Yet, there’s a point in time which many overlook. What happens after everyone signs on the dotted lines, but before they fully get into the swing of a new position?

Here are three things to consider when onboarding new employees:

1.     Experiences are what people remember

It’s 8 a.m. on a Monday and you are starting your new job. You walk into the office, and no one is in sight. Do you fumble your way through the office looking for a name plate of someone who interviewed you? Try finding the nearest coffee pot? Now think about this awkward experience if you are a remote worker and are just sitting at your house, waiting to be told what you are supposed to be doing.

Let new team members know what to expect on their first week (or month or beyond). Consider creating a corporate colleague system so your new team members have a buddy they know they can reach out to. Set up coffee or lunches for new employees (you can do this virtually! DoorDash meals or send coffees right to their homes!) for team members to get to know each other in an informal way.

If you are hiring a group of people, consider starting them on the same day so there’s a built-in camaraderie between them.

2.     Set expectations with current employees

Have you ever walked into a new position, and the clearly overworked co-worker who has been covering for your position just tosses a stack of papers your way? It can make you feel defeated before you even begin.

It’s typically a 4-6-week window between when a company starts looking to fill a position to when you hire someone. Then, there is time to train and get someone up to speed. Work with your team to set realistic expectations and give tips to best onboard their new colleagues so you don’t end up with two burdened employees.

3.     Show appreciation

Are you excited for your team? Awesome! How do you let them know that? Something simple can go a long way. Consider this: you are sending a company laptop in a box to a remote employee. Have you considered adding swag bag items in there? Company T-shirt. Coffee mug. Laptop sticker. Comfy socks. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but just a little something extra to welcome someone.

For an added boost of team spirit, create a hashtag and encourage new employees to post on social media with their new swag.


BONUS TIP: If you are struggling to recruit and retain the employees you are looking for, consider extending the size of your talent pool. Take a look to see if your team members really need to be a specific geographic area, or if you can push further. The farther the geographic net you toss out the better. Then you are not just finding the best candidate in your neighborhood…but the best candidate for the job, period.

Written by: Jennifer Karpus-Romain, TMSA Executive Director

Jennifer serves as the Executive Director at the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) and as an adjunct professor at Cuyahoga Community College teaching social media. Previously, she was Director of Marketing for Faye and has also held roles in the publishing and marketing industries and managed her own content and publishing firm.

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