Top 8 Things I’m Excited About for the TMSA Annual Conference

Top 8 Things I’m Excited About for the TMSA Annual Conference
Written by: Jennifer Karpus-Romain, TMSA Executive Director

We are less than two weeks away from TMSA’s Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference and I am getting excited!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of TMSA, or this is your first conference, there are plenty of new and fan-favorites activities coming at this year’s conference.

Here are the Top 8 Things I’m Excited about for the TMSA Annual Conference:

1.      Top-Notch Education

The Education Committee outdid itself with this well-rounded educational program with speakers ranging from Chris Jolly, The Freight Coach, to Chris O’Brien, the Chief Commercial Officer at C.H. Robinson, to Dr. Chris Boone, a professor of supply chain and logistics at Mississippi State University. (See? It’s a diverse line-up of fantastic speakers named Chris. Just kidding.)

There is also an all-female panel of executives who will talk about the top logistics trends (Kathleen Kaag, Vice President of Marketing, LoadSmart, Kristy Knichel, CEO/President, Knichel Logistics, Beth Potratz, Founder, President and CEO, Drive My Way, Jennifer Mosso, Vice President of Shipper Growth, Transfix), and so much more, including multiple breakout sessions that will tackle a variety of sales and marketing topics.

2.      Speed Networking

When I first came into TMSA, I fell in love with it because of this activity. I was by myself and it was a great way to meet a bunch of people right away. It’s a great icebreaker to kick off the event and makes the opening reception even more fun because you feel like you already know everyone.

It also helps shape some of your conversations throughout the conference as you know the potential partners you’ll want to check back in with later on.

3.      Morning Fitness with Dr. Mark Manera

Before COVID, I used to travel to multiple conferences a year without problem. Yet, while I’ve enjoyed the conferences I’ve been to this year, I’ve also felt more overwhelmed than normal. Here at TMSA, we want to kick the day off right by burning some of that nervous energy with this fitness course with Dr. Mark Manera (scalable for all fitness levels).

4.      Lunch Roundtables

Lunch Roundtables are always one of the most popular parts of the conference. While you may not think having a working lunch is all that exciting…it really is! Why? Because you get to pick the trending topic you care most about and have an honest dialogue with nine other people who are ready to chat about best practices and brainstorm new ideas.

5.      Blazer’s Bash

The Recognition Committee has executed an innovative Trailblazer Award program that will recognize the best marketing and sales campaigns, as well as the people behind the brands. I am most proud to include the Purpose Awards this year to showcase all the great ways companies in our industry are giving back to their communities.

The lineup of Trailblazer Award winners this year are truly inspiring and I am ready to celebrate them during the Blazer’s Bash.

6.      Coffee Walk + Talks

This is your chance to get free consulting! Spend time with a sponsor who provides the types of products and services you need most at your company, all while walking around the beautiful Gaylord Atrium. Or you can join some of TMSA's most prominent members that will welcome new members, discuss the new TMSA awards program and more.

7.       Blazer’s Battle

Calling all gamers! Who doesn’t love some gamification? Whether Jeopardy-style Trivia, Throwing Some Lucky Dice or A Deck of Cards are your gig, we want YOU to bring your A-Game. Play a round with our sponsors to have fun and win prizes.

8.      H20 Highway’s Break Room

Have you ever been at a conference and just need to quickly plug in your laptop to answer a few emails, but people just keep talking to you so you never get any work done? Have you just wanted to know where you can go to grab a coffee and a granola bar, no matter what time of day it is? Want to have a quick chat at a table? Great. The H20 Highway Break Room will let you do all of the above.


Jennifer serves as the Executive Director at the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) and as an adjunct professor at Cuyahoga Community College teaching social media. Previously, she was Director of Marketing for Faye and has also held roles in the publishing and marketing industries and managed her own content and publishing firm.


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