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2017 TMSA Marketing & Sales Leadership Conference

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Referral Marketing: It's Time To Put More Thought Behind It!
Stage of The Buyer's Journey: Attract/Convert

The primary marketing channel for nearly every business is ‘Word of Mouth’ or otherwise known as "Referral/Recommendation Marketing." As direct mail, print and fax marketing have significantly decreased, transportation and logistics companies more recently have looked to email marketing and corporate websites for their great marketing hopes - whether with direct messages or content led programs. However, email marketing also is now on the decline and your traditional websites are not attracting prospective customers as they used to. What’s more, social media has not risen fast enough or gained enough traction to make up the deficit from declining marketing results from emails.

What is working (and always has worked) is "Referral Marketing," the simple notion of your satisfied customers, prospects and partners telling their contacts about your business and service offering. It’s genius, really: Why market yourself when other people want to do it for you? Especially because your prospective new customers trust the opinions of these people 100 times more than your own opinion about your own business! However, to truly benefit from "Referral Marketing," you need to have a plan. Amazingly, most companies that admit that "word of mouth" is their top source for new business, they do not have any formal strategy for this marketing channel - and they dedicate hardly any time or staff toward maximizing the results. All other marketing channels, including the ones that do not work very well, get time and budget aplenty. That's crazy!

During this session, you'll learn how to put forth the right philosophy, strategy, and resources to maximize the success and results of your Referral Marketing initiatives.

Chris Saynor is founder of eft (eyefortransport). Since 1998 eft has provided the supply chain  and logistics industry with essential business intelligence in the form of news, reports, benchmarking data, white papers, and high-level events around the globe. An active member of TMSA, Saynor has been a regular speaker at industry events including multiple CSCMP conference’s in the USA, the Supply Chain Canada Annual Conference in Toronto, The Supply Chain Meeting in Lisbon and every year at the 3PL Summit and CSCO Forum’s in Europe and Chicago.