2019 TMSA Transportation Sales Training Workshop


Class of TMSA Sales Training in Oak Brook, IL. They learned about how to more effectively generate qualified leads, shorten the sales cycle, and ultimately generate revenue.

Transportation sales reps say they are constantly challenged with access to qualified leads and ultimate sales wins due to lack of strategy, training, and structure. The 2019 TMSA Sales Training Workshop provided content and connections to address these issues. Designed specifically for Sales Reps in transportation and logistics, this workshop took place Monday, Oct. 21 at the Le Meridien - Oak Brook in Chicago, Illinois. It took place immediately preceding the TMSA Digital Transformation Conference, which took place Oct. 22. 

Sales Reps Develop Skills, Processes, Strategy for More Success

Whether a national account executive or an inside sales rep, attendees gained new insights on how to more strategically sell what they have to offer and avoid the trap of commoditizing their value. They learned new techniques to gain access to customers, articulate their unique value proposition, and ultimately how to effectively qualify their leads. They learned how to:

  • Identify highest potential leads 
  • Create a compelling message to differentiate themselves
  • Close deals faster by navigating objections and shifting customer focus to value
  • Create a compelling value proposition for their product or service
  • Navigate and respond to objections – including price!
  • Evaluate their portfolio to identify where highest growth potential exists
  • Put strategies in place to retain and grow key customers

Attendees then created an action plan to aid in applying what they had learned to specific strategies and routines with their customer.

About Our Workshop Facilitators
Sara Black and Holly LaBoda are Partners and Co-Founders of Luminaries Consulting, specializing in organizational learning, training, and strategy. They have 30+ years combined experience and have worked with leading companies such as C.H. Robinson, Emirates Group, Land O’Lakes, and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Watch the video below to learn why this was a must-attend event. 

TMSA Video from Jason Ickert on Vimeo.