Download Your 2016 TMSA Sales & Marketing Metrics Study

The 2016 TMSA Sales & Marketing Metrics Study is a compilation of current marketing and sales practices with transportation (all modes) and logistics companies throughout North America. For only $34.99 (non-members) or at no cost to TMSA members, you can download an Executive Summary of the findings of this unique industry research, which will help you to benchmark your company against others in the industry. The study includes:

  • Metrics used to measure sales and marketing performance
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation systems use
  • Level of manual versus automated processes in the sales and marketing function
  • Marketing and Sales budget benchmarks
  • Quota achievement performance
  • Which marketing activities are managed internally versus outsourced
  • How sales new hire positions are sourced
  • And many more metrics, benchmarks, and data points 

This report is FREE to TMSA members, and available to non-members at $34.95.

> Download Executive Summary of the 2016 TMSA Sales & Marketing Metrics Study