Webinars (Live and On-Demand)


TMSA offers ongoing training and development for industry marketing, communications and sales professionals. All webinars are included (no additional cost) to members. 

Upcoming Live Webinars  

"Top Takeaways from TMSA Digital Marketing and Sales Training Events"
December 19th at 2:00pm CST
Presenters: Brian Everett, CEO, TMSA; Jill Schmieg, Founder & Chief Strategist, Sol de Naples Marketing, TMSA Education Committee Co-Chair; Holly LaBoda, Partner & Co-Founder, Luminaries Consulting

On-Demand Webinars

"Togetherness: Aligning Sales and Marketing to Drive Revenue Growth" (58 minutes)
Presenter: Jeff Davis, international speaker and founder of JD2 Consulting Group
"Is TMSA’s Transportation Sales Training Workshop right for you or your team?" (37 minutes)
Presenters: Sara Black and Holly LaBoda, Partners & Co-Founders, Luminaries Consulting, Inc. 
"Sh*t Happens: Don't Let Service Failures Define Your Customer Experience" (60 minutes)
Presenter: Bob Rippel, Chief Learning Officer, RJ Learning Group 
"Driver Recruitment to Brand Advocacy: How to Reach, Keep and Engage Today's Drivers"
Presenters: Craig Martin, Senior Executive Vice President, Adcom; Hallie Fisher, Senior Vice President of Transportation 

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"5 Top Takeaways from TMSA 2019 Annual Conference" (48 minutes)
Presenters: Brian Everett, CEO, TMSA; Beth Malik, Director, Marketing & PR, SMC3 and TMSA Treasurer; Jason Ickert, Integrated Logistics Manager, Energy Transportation Group and TMSA Membership Committee Chair; Andrew Gulovsen, Director of Sales, Transportation Intermediaries Association and TMSA Education Committee Co-Chair; Jill Schmieg, Founder & Chief Strategist, Sol de Naples Marketing and TMSA Education Committee Co-Chair 
"How to Leverage AI and BI to Impact Your RFP Success(47 minutes)
Presenters: John Golob, CMO, Winmore Software; Caitlin Meaden, Director of Marketing, GenPro; Brian Everett, CEO, TMSA
"Solutions for Your Sales Training Strategy (specifically in Transportation & Logistics!)" (58 minutes)
Presenters: Sara Black and Holly LaBoda, Partners & Co-Founders, Luminaries Consulting, Inc.

"5 Steps to Modernize Your Sales & Marketing in Transportation" (55 minutes)
Presenter: Brian Everett, CEO, Transportation Marketing & Sales Association
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"8 Ways to Improve Customer Experience through Digital Communications" (53 minutes)
Presenter: Nadine Nocero, Director Client Services, SyncShow
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"Tips on How to Incorporate Powerful Video that Generates Results" (60 minutes)
Presenter: Rob Puleo, Principal and Creative Director, Tightrope Media Group
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"CRM: Finding the Right Solution for Your Transportation/Logistics Firm" (54 minutes)
Presenter: Jennifer Karpus-Romain, Director of Marketing, Intelestream
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"Strengthening Relationships: Effective Listening Through Empathy" (52 minutes)
Presenter: Eric Maddox, Speaker, Negotiator, Consultant, Author 
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"Modern SEO" (63 minutes)
Presenter: Mike Corak, Vice President/General Manager at DAC Group
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"How To Win High-Value Deals With Social Tactics And Advanced Account Based Selling" (44 minutes)
Presenter: Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life, the world's definitive social selling training and coaching company
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"Real Account-Based Marketing Using LinkedIn" (61 minutes)
Presenter: Ian Addison, LinkedIn ABM
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"Video: Your Secret Weapon for Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition" (57 minutes)
Presenter: Samuel Thimothy, Vice President, OneIMS and Co-Founder of Clickx, a marketing intelligence program
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"Building a Business Case for Alignment" (58 minutes)
Presenter: Jeff Davis, Founder of jd2 Consulting Group
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"The Secret of Winning Sales Teams" (60 minutes)
Presenter: Mike Brooks, Mr. Inside Sales
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"The Minimum Viable Email Sequence" (61 minutes)
Presenter: Arvell Craig, Marketing Consultant, Executive Coach, Design That Speaks
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"Getting the Most from Marketing Automation" (54 minutes)
Presenter: Jill Schmieg, Chief Strategist, Sol de Naples Marketing
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"The Future of Sales & Marketing: How to Eliminate Silos, Get Results" (58 minutes)
Presenter: Marcus Sheridan, President, The Sales Lion
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 "2017 TMSA Annual Sales & Marketing Metrics Study" Webinar & E-Book Package (53 minutes)
Presenter: Hernan Vera, Managing Partner, Sales Outcomes
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"Digital Marketing Transformation Trends in Transportation & Logistics" (65 minutes)
Presenters: Entrepreneur, author, and venture catalyst Chris Snook; and Kirk Waterman, Senior Strategist, Elevated.com
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"Understanding Your Buyers' 'Buying Style' to Enhance Sales Success" (63 minutes)
Presenter: Joel McGinley, Managing Director, TranStrategy Partners, Inc.
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"How Digital Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business Today" (57 minutes)
Presenter: Art Moryedi, Founder and Creative Director, Marlik Group
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"Identifying Buyers In The Supply Chain" (65 minutes)
Presenters: Bob Rippel, Performance Consultant, RJ Learning Group; Colin Longren, VP & General Manager, The Millau Group
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"How To Leverage SEO To Reach Buyers At Every Stage of the Buyer Journey" (75 minutes)
Presenter: Steve Wiideman, Wiideman Consulting Group
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"Pulse of the Media" (56 minutes)
Presenters: Bill Fahrenwald, Principal, James Street Associates; Bill Vantuono, Editor, Railway Age 
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"Never Cold Call Again: Prospecting Secrets for 2017" (55 minutes)
Presenter: John Boyens, Co-Founder of Boyens Group
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"The Future of Content Marketing: The Content Brand" (58 minutes)
Presenter: Joe Pulizzi, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and founder of Content Marketing World
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"9 Steps To Launch A Thought Leadership Program" Webinar & E-Book Package (53 minutes)
Presenters: Jill Schmieg, Chief Strategies Sol de Naples Marketing; Chris Saynor, Strategic Advisor, eft Supply Chain & Logistics Intelligence) 
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"2016 TMSA Annual Sales & Marketing Metrics Study" Webinar & E-Book Package (53 minutes)
Presenter: Hernan Vera, Managing Partner, Sales Outcomes
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"Taking The Mystery Out Of Responding To RFI/RFP/RFQs" (47 minutes)
Presenters: Dave Balawender, Manager Solutions, FedEx Services; Marilyn Janas, President, TRANSVORTO
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