2018 TMSA Webinar

"Video: Your Secret Weapon for Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition"
Samuel Thimothy, Vice President, OneIMS and Co-Founder of Clickx, a marketing intelligence program. 


The business world is dramatically changing as potential buyers seek out more visual, “quick bite” information when making decisions and purchasing products and services. Video clearly is the path to more success. In fact, video is projected to claim more than 80% of web traffic by 2019. And it’s proven that adding video to marketing campaigns can boost click-through rates by more than 200%.

Improve your website traffic, qualified leads, and overall sales and branding results through dynamic video marketing. Join us for a one-hour live webinar training on how you can leverage video in the transportation and logistics industry. You’ll learn how to successfully launch a video content marketing strategy from start to finish. Stay up-to-date with where marketing is going in 2018 and beyond. 

During this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the right video topics as a company serving the transportation and logistics industry
  • Build a powerful video content strategy that generates business results
  • Use video for your sales strategy
  • Promote your video for maximum reach

About the Presenter: Samuel Thimothy has deep expertise and experience in online marketing, demand generation, and sales. He helps businesses develop and execute marketing strategies to will improve their lead generation efforts and drive business growth. He serves as the Vice President at OneIMSand the co-founder of Clickx, a marketing intelligence platform.

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