VIP Ambassadors

Do you know other transportation marketing, sales, or communications colleagues who could benefit from the solution-sharing and professional camaraderie of TMSA? Have you walked away from a TMSA Annual Conference realizing that other marketing or sales peers in your company could have found similar value in attending - bringing your company even more value?

If so, join the TMSA VIP Ambassador Club!
TMSA encourages members like you to drive the TMSA "Member-Refer-A-Member" initiative through this program. VIP Ambassadors are TMSA leaders who can share their positive member experiences of the association's value and ROI with non-member colleagues, industry peers, and vendors to encourage them to join and contribute to our dynamic professional community.

Get Members. Get Rewards.
VIP Ambassadors receive valuable rewards for new member referrals as well as comprehensive prospect outreach support materials and communications. VIP Ambassadors receive ChampionPoints for every new member they bring into the TMSA family. Champion are redeemable for a number of rewards, such as:

  • Webinar scholarship ($15 value)
  • Annual dues scholarship ($295 value)
  • Annual Conference scholarship ($1,225 value)
  • VIP Ambassador reception at the Annual Conference 
  • Retail gift cards
  • Exclusive trip opportunities

How This "Member Get A Member" Program Works
Being a VIP Ambassador is simple and doesn't necessarily require much work. Start with those you are close to at work and expand to your larger network, sharing the benefits of TMSA membership and how it has helped you professionally and personally. 

  • Reach out to co-workers, industry marketing and sales colleagues, and vendors for either individual or corporate memberships.
  • As needed, review appropriate TMSA information with a prospect face-to-face or point them to
  • Encourage your prospects to attend a "trial" TMSA program, such as the Annual Conference, a Marketing or Sales Bootcamp, or a Webinar.
  • Ask for their membership by requesting a commitment to join TMSA.
  • Walk them through the online sign-up process, making sure they note your name in the "Referred By" line.

Get Started Now
TMSA is committed to giving our VIP Ambassadors the tools, resources, and support to champion the benefits of TMSA membership to their peers. You can use these points of reference in your outreach:

Join the TMSA VIP Ambassador Club Today!

We look forward to welcoming you to the TMSA VIP Ambassador Club. Many of your Board of Directors and member peers will be joining you in this "Member-Get-A-Member" effort to drive TMSA forward. For questions and more information, call TMSA Headquarters at 952-466-6270 or email.